Servicetype Express
Currentoperator(s) NorthEastFrontierRailway(NFR)
Start KatiharJunction
Stops 50includingstartandendpoints
End Amritsar
Distancetravelled 1,800km(1,118mi)
Servicefrequency Daily
Class(es) AC2-tier,AC3-tier,SleeperClass,GeneralUnreserved
Seatingarrangements Yes
Sleepingarrangements Yes
Cateringfacilities PantryCarnotavailable
Rollingstock StandardIndianRailwaycoaches
Trackgauge 1,676mm(5ft6in)
Operatingspeed 110km/h(68mph)maximum
The name, Ambapali or Amrapali, is derived from a combination of two Sanskrit words: "amra", meaning mango, and "pallawa", meaning young leaves or sprouts.
She was of unknown parentage, and received her name because at her birth she was found at the foot of a mango tree in one of the royal gardens in Vaishali.
Soon the train got extended to Barauni Junction. When Indian Railway shifted to four digit service numbers in October 1988, the new service numbers allotted to it were 5205/5206.

Raúl Saavedra

rain name etymology Ambapali, also known as Ambapalika or Amrapali, was a nagarvadhu (royal courtesan) of the republic of Vaishali in present-day Bihar around 500 BC. Following the Buddha's teachings she became an Arahant.
History The service initially operated by the North Eastern Railway between Kanpur and Samastipur with service numbers 505/506.

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